Writing a novel with TwelvePoint

Writing a Novel

Writing is an intensive tasks, you need to define the plot, add side stories, develop the character arc…

When we designed TwelvePoint we thought that the writing process had to be unrelated to the way a script is published. We wanted the writer to focus just on the content, not on the formatting, not on the right paper to use, not on the caps of the words, etc.  Still all the features of content management had to be available, together with the templates and other functionalities.

Managing your story with TwelvePoint means, writing down dialogs and narratives, decide how many scenes, how many chapters, then the software will apply the right formatting.

TwelvePoint provides an easy way to manage characters, locations, timelines and relationships between the elements, you can always look at your script 360º,  go into details, step back and have an eagle-eye view on the story.

Using TwelvePoint make it easier, to re-arrange paragraphs in a scene, rename, characters, change locations, apply any structural modification without having to re-write the whole script or forget some parts of it.

If you wrote a screenplay and now you want to write a novel (or viceversa), no problem, clone your script and start adding the missing parts. All the characters, the locations and the timelines will be available in the new copy, ready to be used.


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2 ways to save webpage content with DraftPlus

DraftPlus can be a powerful tool to save information you found interesting from internet or you want to use later on.
If you copied text or images, you can paste them on a page and they become stickers, that can be further formatted.
Using the sticker settings panel, you can use images as fixed backgrounds, logos, etc.

Let’s have a look in more detail…

Method #1: Print the screen from web browser.
Once you saved a screenshot of your favorite web page, you can pickup the image from the iPad gallery and copy/paste on a page. If you have already on a page an input-image sticker, just double tap on it. If you want to create a completely new sticker, use the paste sticker option to create a new image item. The image can be adjusted later on to fit your needs.

Method #2: Copy an item directly.
On a web page, select the text or copy the image you like and then paste the content on the page. This method is more flexible, if you want to change the layout later on. Each sticker can become a hyperlink so you can re-create a navigation flow and build your own notebook.


Finally, you can publish your album in pdf or as photo collection and share it with your friends and colleagues.

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