Draft+: Charts, tables and slides, all in one App!

Draft+ makes it easy to create your prototype of presentation but it is not just that…

You can use Draft+ to publish your final work too and most important, you can create professional looking slides in literally 1 minute!

The problem with “old” type of office application:
With standard office software, you usually need two or three applications to add in one slide tables and charts. You need one app to create a presentation and some other external party to generate charts or input data.
More, everytime you edit a table with some data, charts need to be formatted again, the labels need to be moved to avoid overlapping, you need to reconsider if the style of the chart or the scale used is still good enough for the space you want to allocate in the slide…

Tailored for tablets
Draft+ is developed for iPads, meaning we reduced to the minimun the steps you need to take to create an effective presentation.
It is intuitive, everything you need is just one tap away…

Work with data tables
You can add table to a slide inserting a data-cube object.
This item is a group of data information that can be easily reshaped according to your needs.
You insert the data once and after you choose the way you want to present them selecting the proper style.


When you finish inputing the data, you can choose another table style…


…or you might want to present the same table as a chart…


About the chart business
The app will add a chart series for each numeric column of the table.
The first column of the table will be used as legend entries.

Few important things to notice about the automatic chartings:

1. Series are organised in a way that will always ensure visibility of the data.
2. Colours are selected automatically starting from the main theme colour.
3. Colours are always selected to present the right contrast and visibility.
4. The labels for the values never overlaps.
5. The legend is built automatically and can be placed in different location.

Thematic Plus

Thematic+ | Create easily thematic reports with your iPad


We designed “Thematic Plus” from everydays work experience of those who need to produce frequently reports about worlwide data.

Whether your report are based on sales, marketing or technical data, this App can make your life at office easier.

The process it is pretty straight forward…you select the countries you want to represent, decide which intervals you need, and either assign the values to the countries or to geographical group (e.g. Africa).

You can create custom groups and projecs, so that you can quickly recreate reports from previous works.

Each map can be exported or shared in different formats such ad images, pdf or like thematic projects, that others can import on their iPad and edit.

Thematic+ is available on the Apple store, search for morePaths.com.
Official site: http://www.morePaths.com


World map+ | Add a world map to your presentations


Worldmap+ is one of those Apps, you dont know you need until you use it…

If you work with presentation and data, you know already that presenting data on a map is much more readable than a table or a series of paragraphs with numbers.

A map is more versatile.
You can use both colours, numbers and text to highlight results, show improvements and much more.

When we started designing Worldmap+, we wanted something easy to use, but overall able to merge with your every day job, weather you work with a Mac or a Pc.
So we created something that greatly integrates with Apple system but delivers values also if you create presentations on Microsoft Windows.

How does it work?
You have a vectorial map and you select the countries to be displayed.
Each country can be customized with filling colours or realistic patterns.
Also the border line of each country can be coloured and changed in width and style.
In addition, on the same page, you can also include a legend with the flags and a comment text for each nation plus a title and an overall comment.

So if you need only the world map , you can export just a simple picture or you can create a one page slide ready to be published.

We build our App, in a way that you always work with versioning.
You can save different versions, share them with others or store them as backups.

morePaths.com | Our Apps


morePaths.com | Our Apps

morePaths.com | Our Apps

morePaths.com starts with the idea that there can be different approaches to solve a problem. We use “creative problem solving” to find new solutions to old and persistent issues.Our products are designed with the goal to increase your productivity and boost your presentation skills. So you will be able to use the rest of your time for something else (e.g. improve content).


Draft Plus

Let’s start with the latest arrival… “Draft+”.
When we started designing Draft+, we knew there were already several Apps out there for presentations and publishing, but we thought something was missing…Draft+ comes from the real everyday experience in an office environment, where managers are pressed to deliver slide decks and present concepts in very short time but still clean and tidy.

If you work in an office, you know very well the scenario…

You go out of a meeting, and you and your team need to organize a presentation to describe,

Draft Plus

Draft Plus

sales,deliveries,goals or similar.

The creation of a professional presentation takes always time.
It is very often a continuos exchange of email, prints to verify that the message is there, as required by the management.

But the message is not the only thing that matters in building a slide deck.
Even if you work with company predefined templates, you will soon realize that everything you want to communicate won’t fit or…you need 50 slide or more… 🙂

So the process of draft a slide deck and the reviews are the important steps, the pillars, of a perfect presentation.



Draft+ is providing you a valid help in this area…
You can quicly build a slide, create a storyline or create a blue-print that can tell to others how the final deck should look like.

You can work remotely with your team, using encryption and publish pdf documents that can be presented or further edited…and much more…
Read more : www.morepaths.com