Should I use watermarking in my screenplay?

do_not_copy_meWhat is watermarking?

The  idea is that to protect your rights, once you finish your script you save it in pdf format and add some text in background on each page referring to your name, your company name or similar.

In the old days in which the copies of scripts where only printed, It might have had its own purpose, if you leak a printed copy with you name on it, everybody is aware, if it is not the meant recipient, that the copy is infringing some laws. Nowadays, probably this is a little less important being the pdf in an e-mail the major channel for spreading the content.

You can do it with TwelvePoint

TwelvePoint provides watermarking for your script, you can activate it in the project settings together with additional appearance settings (colours, transparency, etc. ).

When you publish the project, the pdf will have the watermark on all the pages.


But maybe you should not…

Watermarking is very distracting when reading a script. If you need to use it at all costs, try to make it very light weight compared to the content.

Adding watermarking it does not say a lot about how confidential or how legally protected your work is but it says a lot about you being paranoid… 🙂

Electronic watermarking can be removed these days and if someone wants to steal your script or plagiarise it, it is enough to re-type it.

The moment you write something, you have copyrights on your work. You can register your script to the Copyrights Office, that is a better way to protect your original work.

Watermarking it might have a reason to exist if you are working in a major studio, though there are examples in history of many leaked stories with the watermark on it.


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6 new features that you might not have noticed in “World Map+”

With release 12.0.7 we decided to give a larger space to the map and minimze the menu bar.

Now you can make the most of your iPad screen and still have everything at your fingers…


Let’s have a look at some new features…

1) Bottom bar can be dragged accross the screen.The world map is now presented using the whole screen and you can move the menu bar vertically, so that it never covers the area you are working on.

2) Navigation arrows. We added back and forward navigation arrows that let you navigate through the different filters you created. You apply the olours and then you use the filters to present the set of countries you want.

3) TV output. If you have a cable or wi-fi connected, you can present the map on an external screen. When you navigate through the pages or you change the layout of the items, the external screen will present the changes.

4) Page menu. We gathered in one menu, all the page’ s related functionalities. You can edit the current filter or browse the existing ones. You can also access the snapshots gallery or zoom the page.


5) Filter name and notes. One touch one the filter’s name in the middle of the bottom bar and you will be able to edit the name and add a description. You can rename the filter in order to remember the group of countries and you can use the memo to describe in details the difference.

You can go back to the map by touching again the middle of the bottom bar.

6) Custom colours. You can now use additional colours from those preset. Just set the values for the Red, green or blue bar and add the new colour to the project, to the group or both. If you add the new colour to the group, it will be available to each new project created within the group.
Tap on the colour in one of the two sections to read/edit the custom items.
Custom colours are available any time you need to apply a colour.