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One app to rule them all: 16 ways to use DraftPlus to improve your life at work

We designed DraftPlus for wireframing, but we believe it is a flexible tool for your iPad and therefore here you go with a list of key/additional/complementary ways to make the most of the app you own…

Stop using paper for your draft versions and use your iPad instead. ūüôā


Use it for designing

1. Presentations.
2. Web site structures.
3. Software applications concepts.
4. Blueprints

DraftPlus is a drag&drop presentation designer that you can use to store information on your iPad or to create concepts just about anything. Use frames to groups items together and design App, websites, concepts of database. You can create the very first navigable version of your application and share it with your colleagues/friends wherever you are.

Design presentations

Design presentations

Design App concepts

Design App concepts

To build, publish & present on external screen

5. Navigable blueprints for…just anything.
6. Professional presentations.

DraftPlus is built to work with concept design. You can create your model, add the links to the stickers and try the navigation instantly. In presentation mode gives you an indication where are the buttons and when you publish the project, all the details about the menu navigation are added to the notes.

Test Navigation flow

Test Navigation flow

To write, review & share

7. Personal or business notes.
8. Projects,concept, images.
9. Page navigation flows.
10. Newsletters.
11. Reports.
12. Scorecards
13. Multi purpose notebook.

DraftPlus¬†has integrated functions that let you write, create tables or chart all at once. You write your values in a table and then you decide how to present the information. “Automatic charts” builds your chart automatically, choosing the right spacing, the color, the font and the number of axises you need. Every chart is built ensuring visibility of all the information and it can be resized to fit your needs.

Automatic Cahrts

Automatic Charts

Table data

Table data

If what you need is just a notebook for your stories or a sketch book, you can use DraftPlus¬†to write and archive your books. Copy/Paste images or text from other applications, write notes, create new images compositions…take pictures of your pages and send them to your friends with your notes.

My favorite magazines

My favorite magazines

What I have read so far...

What I have read so far…

Everything you create on DraftPlus can be presented on an external screen using the iPad standard functionalities (a cable might be required in some cases).


To create storyboards

14. for movie scripts, books, presentations, etc.

Working with Storyboards

Working with Storyboards – images

Working with Storyboards

Working with Storyboards – scripts

…and to use secure data transfer

15. Share confidential messages with anyone.
16. Share sensitive data.

DraftPlus does not require any login or registration to be fully functional. Your data and your projects are not stored remotely. Information remain on your iPad and when you want to share the content (or run a backup), you can use encryption with password to send data via e-mail to the final recipient. Only the users having DraftPlus installed on their iPad and knowing the password, can read the information received.

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10 Reasons why you should start using Draft+ on your iPad…


  1. You build it!: how many companies implement exactly the requirements you asked for? You can feedback to us with the features you need and we will add them to our road maps.
  2. Cost effective:¬†it is cheap ūüôā . Well, yes, all our products will always stay low in terms of price.
  3. It is “green”: using this App, will drastically reduce your paper consumption.
  4. Minimalist: most of professional presentations do not require fancy images for templates. Create a clean and well balanced presentation with best-practice-tuned functionalities.
  5. No registration: it does not require registration or periodic fee. All functionalities are available as soon as you install it.
  6. It respects your privacy:¬†you bought the software, you use it. We don’t want to “control” the place where you store your information.
  7. Company template: you can create your own company template and always produce clean and brand compliant presentations.
  8. Automatic charts: you can create automatic charts with just a gesture from any table on the page. Charts are tuned to comply with the theme you chose and the object adjust itself to ensure visibility of all the values label and series.
  9. Always Secure: the version you export can be encrypted and only those who know your password can read the project or the PDF.
  10. Integrity: export your final version always as PDF, so that the audience will experience the same level of quality.




Provide guidance to your team

Use Draft+ to give guidance on the slide deck you want

Draft+ | give guidance on the slide deck you wantSometimes  you need to prepare presentations quickly.

If you are a manager, you will gather with your team to discuss what the slide deck should contain and how you would like to look like. You communicate this on paper, drawing sketches that sometimes might lead to different interpretations and additional loops of reviews.

If your team is a virtual one, meaning spread in different regions, the number of reviews  and the clarity of the guidance will make the difference in terms of time and results.

You can use Draft+ and your iPad to build the structure you want, the notes, the descriptions, the formatting and then share them via email.

With Draft+ you can give a flavour of what you need in a very effective way:

– Build a storyboard that tells the story you want to tell.

– Send projects to be reviewed.

– Keep tracks of the changes.

– Add notes on snapshots of the pages to comment additional changes.

Let’s have a look to it in more details…


Use case: Present an update about sales in your regions.

Executive Summary | build with Draft+

Executive SummaryUsing Draft+ with few touches on the screen you can create a slide like this.

The idea is to present two charts and a main message to introduce the story of the deck

You can paste on the page some images from your iPad’s gallery, if you have them or you can add 2 chart place holder stickers, like in this case.

Draft+ | adding notes to the page

We flip the page and also add a description of what the slide shall present, a more descriptive text, giving additional information about when the first draft should be ready.

Once the slide is ready, you can decide to share it in different formats, depending if your are reviewing a project or you are sending your guidelines for the deck to an editor.


Publishing Slide deck in PDF

The whole slide deck can be exported as a series of images of the pages you included.

The pages are reproduced as you see them, so if you want to added some pictures from the gallery, they also will be rendered.

If you choose (in the project settings) to publish the pdf with a cover page, your pdf file will have an additional page at the beginning presenting the title of the project and the project description.

An additional option is also to include the page notes. If this options is set, the pdf file will have an additional text page added after each original slide.

Publishing Slide deck Outline

This format allows you to communicate easily the layout of the pages and the description of the content at once. The information is available on one page and it is exported as
Page Layout description | using Draft+html file.  If you have a presentation with many slides, you are using a low band internet connection and you want to send quickly the document, you can use this format.

Learn more about Draft+…


morePaths.com | Our Apps


morePaths.com | Our Apps

morePaths.com | Our Apps

morePaths.com starts with the idea that there can be different approaches to solve a problem.¬†We use “creative problem solving” to find new solutions to old and persistent issues.Our products are designed with the goal to increase your productivity and boost your presentation skills. So¬†you will be able to use the rest of your time for something else (e.g. improve content).


Draft Plus

Let’s start with the latest arrival… “Draft+”.
When we started designing Draft+, we knew there were already several Apps out there for presentations and publishing, but we thought something was missing…Draft+ comes from the real everyday experience in an office environment, where managers are pressed to deliver slide decks and present concepts in very short time but still clean and tidy.

If you work in an office, you know very well the scenario…

You go out of a meeting, and you and your team need to organize a presentation to describe,

Draft Plus

Draft Plus

sales,deliveries,goals or similar.

The creation of a professional presentation takes always time.
It is very often a continuos exchange of email, prints to verify that the message is there, as required by the management.

But the message is not the only thing that matters in building a slide deck.
Even if you work with company predefined templates, you will soon realize that everything you want to communicate won’t fit or…you need 50 slide or more… ūüôā

So the process of draft a slide deck and the reviews are the important steps, the pillars, of a perfect presentation.



Draft+ is providing you a valid help in this area…
You can quicly build a slide, create a storyline or create a blue-print that can tell to others how the final deck should look like.

You can work remotely with your team, using encryption and publish pdf documents that can be presented or further edited…and much more…
Read more : www.morepaths.com