Draft+ | Create draft presentations with your iPad


Draft Plus

Why to create draft presentations is so important?

To publish professional slides requires always a series of drafts to be created. You add content, you reduce the wording, check the fonts, the space in the page, etc.etc.

If you work in a team, you will probably need to double check with your people several times in order to send the right information.Presenting at C-Level management very often requires a large number of versions and several people involved.

An App for the Managers…

We decided to create an App for the iPad that might help you in this specific area.

If you are a manager of a team, you most probably never create the presentation yourself but you meet with your people and discuss, suggest, what the presentation shall contain. You will provide them with a rough understanding of the number of slides, you require, the story that needs to be presented, what data to include. Very often all these guidelines are written on a paper or summarised in e-mails (if your team is not local).

Now with your iPad you can easily take control of the situation, maintain an history of the drafts,communicate clearly what you need, share them through internet securely, even present them in a almost-ready-to-be-published format.

Draft+ will help you communicating the structure of what you need to present. You can export only the slides or the slides + additional comments; this will give you the flexibility to communicate 360 degrees with your team.

Whether your work is in sales, marketing, IT, etc. Draft+ will help you optimise the time and deliver great presentations.

…and for the team members.

We create this App as and end-to-end tool. The manager can send the projects or the pdf files to his team and the people who receive them, can further elaborate.

Draft+ support themes customisations, so you can build your own version of the App, totally in line with your company guidelines (fonts, colours, templates).

If you periodically work on presentations, you can re-use the same projects or duplicate them, to save time.

Read more about it on our site. 


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