How to write a movie script (with a Mac)

TwelvePoint | Screenwriting app
Writing your first screenplay with TwelvePoint

Writing a screenplay with TwelvePoint is easy, and before you know it, you are ready to publish.

When you write a story with TwelvePoint, you write a content that can be “manipulated” later at a second stage and changed it into a movie script, a theatre play or a novel (use the clone script feature).

Screenplay’s elements are: acts, scenes, actions and dialogs. The formatting of these elements depends on the country, the studio, the language and the standard to target.

TwelvePoint takes care of everything. You write your content once, and the software will format your script according to the target audience.

Some of the things TwelvePoint will do for you:

  • Trim empty lines between paragraphs.
  • Character’s name formatting according to the appearance.
  • Dialogs’ and Actions’ alignment.
  • Scene heading formatting based on the selected standard.
  • Indentations.
  • Cut actions or dialogs between pages.
  • Write in your own language.
  • more…

Choose your script format, edit, click on publish and it’s done.

Your content is always well organised and available to you.

Did you know? 
TwelvePoint is a multi-document app, this means that you can open at the same time different projects and organise them on the screen for easy comparison.

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Screenwriting with TwelvePoint: The French Standard


Screenwriting comes with a strict set of rules that need to be applied during writing or when publishing your script (e.g. use only the font: Courier 12pt or all capital letters for character’s name first appearance).

The set of rules applied, generally depend on the country or on the studio you want to publish.

The French standard is another popular format.

Like in the American Standard, each page needs to describe one minute on the screen.

The actions take the whole width of the page while the dialogs are presented in the bottom right corner, left aligned.

Writing with the French Standard with TwelvePoint

TwelvePoint is flexible enough to adapt to almost all the kind of layouts used in the industry. The French standard can be turned ON/OFF in the project settings and you can choose among some predefined structures for the scene heading.

If you are sending your script to different studios with different layout requirements, there is no need to rewrite the screenplay; just switch on/off the custom layout and you are good to go.

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