Screenwriting with TwelvePoint: The French Standard


Screenwriting comes with a strict set of rules that need to be applied during writing or when publishing your script (e.g. use only the font: Courier 12pt or all capital letters for character’s name first appearance).

The set of rules applied, generally depend on the country or on the studio you want to publish.

The French standard is another popular format.

Like in the American Standard, each page needs to describe one minute on the screen.

The actions take the whole width of the page while the dialogs are presented in the bottom right corner, left aligned.

Writing with the French Standard with TwelvePoint

TwelvePoint is flexible enough to adapt to almost all the kind of layouts used in the industry. The French standard can be turned ON/OFF in the project settings and you can choose among some predefined structures for the scene heading.

If you are sending your script to different studios with different layout requirements, there is no need to rewrite the screenplay; just switch on/off the custom layout and you are good to go.

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Writing a novel with TwelvePoint

Writing a Novel

Writing is an intensive tasks, you need to define the plot, add side stories, develop the character arc…

When we designed TwelvePoint we thought that the writing process had to be unrelated to the way a script is published. We wanted the writer to focus just on the content, not on the formatting, not on the right paper to use, not on the caps of the words, etc.  Still all the features of content management had to be available, together with the templates and other functionalities.

Managing your story with TwelvePoint means, writing down dialogs and narratives, decide how many scenes, how many chapters, then the software will apply the right formatting.

TwelvePoint provides an easy way to manage characters, locations, timelines and relationships between the elements, you can always look at your script 360º,  go into details, step back and have an eagle-eye view on the story.

Using TwelvePoint make it easier, to re-arrange paragraphs in a scene, rename, characters, change locations, apply any structural modification without having to re-write the whole script or forget some parts of it.

If you wrote a screenplay and now you want to write a novel (or viceversa), no problem, clone your script and start adding the missing parts. All the characters, the locations and the timelines will be available in the new copy, ready to be used.


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We will be happy to hear your opinion and feedbacks
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