So your boss asked for a presentation…

A typical scenario.

You meet your boss and you come back with the task of putting together a presentation. It needs to be ready in a couple of days.

Have you ever been in this situation?

You might have already some ideas or a set of slides that you used in the past, nevertheless, the time is your enemy.

You need to share the requirements with your team members, decide what to put and what to exclude, you need to work in parallel and most important, you need to communicate what it is required, clearly.

This situation would require concentration, figuring out what to present, drawing sketches on several papers, handwriting the major titles…etc etc

After, you would shared the papers with your team, ask for first inputs, assign to some of them the task to merge the contents in a final deck,etc,etc.

So your papers run through the team/the office and maybe at a certain point, after several reviews and hours, become less and less clear…how many papers did you use?

If your team is spread along regions (or world wide), the task is even more complex…

Of course the task is still duable but there is a better way to do it, if you have an iPad…using Draft+ (Draft Plus).

Draft+  is an App than runs on IOS7 or higher, designed for exactly these kind of tasks.

You drammatically speed up your productivity, particularly creating the first drafts of you slide deck, merging all your inputs and maintain a history of your works so that next time, you don’t have to go searching for an old paper…somewhere.

You can control and communicate your versions remotely so that you can easily merge, review and add changes.

No need of using papers anymore! It is even environmentally friendly…you only need to print the very last version,if you needed on paper.

You can start with building a clear storyline for your presentation, maybe just the titles at the beginning…Arrange the pages according to the storyline you want to present.Adding more content…and finally creating the first draft slides.

You can use Draft+ to create the final PDF version of your slides or just send the file as a guideline for the editor, the one who is going to produce the very final version for the management.

Draft+ is fully customisable and you can paste content (images and text) from websites, other documents or other Apps that allow the copy function on the iPad.

Learn more about it…

Draft+ | the storyboard

Creating the titles

Draft+ | the storyboard with description

Add content to the titles

Executive Summary | build with Draft+

Executive Summary



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