Minimalism is good!

When we design a product we think: “what is the most recurring task?, Which is the functionality that the user will use the most?”

We believe an App needs to be blend with the content you want to create.

It should be natural, simple in few words minimalist.

The most important functionalities are in front of you, all the rest will appear when you decide to take an action…

So the publishing, will suddenly present additional features, the  editing of the page will unfold new characteristics… and so on.

Minimalist does not mean basic.

Draft+ | Minimalist interfaceThe look and feel of the user interface is neat , flexible and allows you to focus on your contents, knowing that more functionalities will be available when needed…

Let’s take as example Draft+’s  user interface.

You have the possibility to use almost the whole screen and the editing functionalities are available when you touch the screen.

When you finished editing and you want to do something else…the bottom bar will bring somewhere else…


Maybe you want to publish you content…or take a snapshot of the current page or browse the project gallery…or change the scene and go browsing other projects.

StoryboardYou can access the storyboard with one simple gesture.



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