| Our Apps | Our Apps starts with the idea that there can be different approaches to solve a problem. We use “creative problem solving” to find new solutions to old and persistent issues.Our products are designed with the goal to increase your productivity and boost your presentation skills. So you will be able to use the rest of your time for something else (e.g. improve content).


Draft Plus

Let’s start with the latest arrival… “Draft+”.
When we started designing Draft+, we knew there were already several Apps out there for presentations and publishing, but we thought something was missing…Draft+ comes from the real everyday experience in an office environment, where managers are pressed to deliver slide decks and present concepts in very short time but still clean and tidy.

If you work in an office, you know very well the scenario…

You go out of a meeting, and you and your team need to organize a presentation to describe,

Draft Plus

Draft Plus

sales,deliveries,goals or similar.

The creation of a professional presentation takes always time.
It is very often a continuos exchange of email, prints to verify that the message is there, as required by the management.

But the message is not the only thing that matters in building a slide deck.
Even if you work with company predefined templates, you will soon realize that everything you want to communicate won’t fit or…you need 50 slide or more… 🙂

So the process of draft a slide deck and the reviews are the important steps, the pillars, of a perfect presentation.



Draft+ is providing you a valid help in this area…
You can quicly build a slide, create a storyline or create a blue-print that can tell to others how the final deck should look like.

You can work remotely with your team, using encryption and publish pdf documents that can be presented or further edited…and much more…
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